2013 Shanghai Victory new factory Launch

Shanghai Victory Auto Heat Transfer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture mainly engaged in the production and operation of heat transfer Auto parts.
REACH Group is one of the most successful heat transfer manufacturers in China, and its product quality, new product research and development, and production capacity are in a leading position in China. The REACH brand is exported to North America, Europe and South America, and has won praise from many customers in the global heat transfer industries.
Since its establishment in 1999, REACH Group has grown rapidly under the leadership of Chairman Luo Jun. REACH has established its own subsidiaries and distribution agencies in America, Europe and Asia, with customers all over the world. REACH products start from automotive radiators and condensers. It has developed over 10,000 SKUs such as various heat transfer Auto parts, equipment, and technical services.
REACH Group has always been adhering to the concept of becoming: the global leader in heat exchanger manufacturing and distribution, regards employees as the company's most valuable asset, and is committed to: becoming an irreplaceable partner for customers and suppliers, for them, our shareholders and employees Create maximum long-term value.
In the future, any field that needs heat exchange will leave REACH's footprint.
REACH footprint
In 1999, the company was formally established in Miami, USA
In 2000, Shanghai ReachImport & Export Co., Ltd. was established
In 2005, the Los Angeles branch was established
In 2006, Shanghai Victory Auto Heat Transfer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established
In 2007, Reach Group Brazil Branch was established
In 2008, Reach Group Mexico Branch was established
In 2009, Reach Group Venezuela Branch was established
In 2012, Reach Group Peru Branch was established
In 2013, the new plant of Shanghai Victory Heat Transfer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially put into use.